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Financing & Warranties


Financing: At ACE Auto Sales we offer many financing options, including 12 months no interest if you pay half down.  If you are interested in learning more about our financing options please contact us.

Warranty: Most of our vehicles come with a 3 month, 4500 mile warranty.  Ask us for more information when you stop in!


  • erin said:

    I’m looking to get a truck, ideally something with a back seat, with buy here pay here financing. I’m wondering what kind of down payment would be required & how the monthly payments are set up. Please include prices of available trucks.


  • Andy said:

    sorry for the late feedback, was on vacation.
    Our buy here pay here we require half down 12 months interest free
    but if you dont have the full half or at least somewhere close to it,
    its 18 months with 10% interest. i have a hand full of ext cab trucks.

    thanks for you patients!

  • Gary. Vivian said:

    Am interested in the silver wrangler have 2100.00 dollars I can put down don’t know if you can get it financed hope we can work something out Thank you. Gary Vivian 814-288-8059

  • Andy said:

    For our buy here pay here we require half down

  • Betty said:

    Do u take a trade in for a down payment on buy here pay here?

  • Heather said:

    I was browsing at your inventory online and seen that you are a buy here pay here place. I am looking for a second vehicle thats reliable. I don’t have that much of a down payment but I have a good job and I can afford a car payment every month or every 2 weeks. My phone number is 814 696-2614.

  • Andy said:

    hi there! for our buy here pay here we require half down or if you would like to get a loan through your bank.

    Thanks andy

  • Stacy walk said:

    I am looking for a bigger suv i have a ford explorer with around 165 000 miles looking to trade in

  • Andy said:

    stop on by and we’ll see what we can do!

  • Patrick Shank said:

    What is the price limit on the buy here/pay here? Thank you

  • Andy said:

    half down

  • Kira B said:

    Do you do a credit check if you do the 1/2 down buy here pay here??

  • Andy said:

    no credit checks!!

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